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BIBS with Lovedbebe!💕

My daughter had never accepted any kind of pacifier. It is not that we haven’t tried different kind of models ,but she was refusing all of them. Unfortunately she was crying all day and night. It would have been a good way to calm her down if she has taken a pacifier. I remember that she have already passed the age for pacifiers when one day I was looking at one Australian insta mom’ pictures  and I saw BIBS💕.  Wow! I was really impressed. They were not only very attractive with all their pastel colors but also with the natural materials they are made from. 

BIBS is an old Danish brand which launched as a family owned company with the mission to create a natural latex pacifier made from only the best materials. 

Fast forward 40 years, and Bibs has developed what is now one of the most popular 100% natural rubber pacifiers worldwide and a reputation for a product that always delivers function, style, and premium European quality. 

BIBS cherry-shaped natural latex pacifiers are especially developed to soothe and comfort the baby while supporting its instinctive need to suckle. The cherry-shaped (round) pacifier is more similar to the breast than any other type of dummy. The vented collapsible nipple is produced from a 100% natural latex, free of harmful additives, which is durable, velvet soft and elastic. The vented collapsible nipple makes it easy for the child to squeeze the air out of the dummy, in which the dummy imitates the breast during suckling.

The shield is made of polypropylene (PP), which is a robust and lightweight plastic material. It is gently outwards curved to prevent skin irritation. It is equipped with air holes and a security handle.

I really regret I haven’t found them earlier and tried them with my daughter because after finding and reviewing them,  I have received  lots of positive feedback that many children who don’t want any kind of pacifiers – they accept BIBS. 

Have you already tried them?!😊

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