Pacifier BIBS Mustard - Natural, BPA-Free 6-18

Pacifier BIBS Orchide - Natural, BPA-Free 6-18
Pacifier BIBS Orchide - Natural, BPA-Free 6-18
Pacifier BIBS Mint - Natural, BPA-Free 6-18
Pacifier BIBS Mint - Natural, BPA-Free 6-18
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When we talk about pacifiers, BIBS ones are a real classic. During the past 40 years BIBS has developed what is now one of the most popular 100% natural rubber pacifier worldwide and a reputation for a product that always delivers function, style and premium European quality. n nBIBS cherry-shaped natural latex pacifiers are especially developed to soothe and comfort the baby while supporting its instinctive need to suckle. The cherry-shaped (round) pacifier is more similar to the breast than any other type of dummy. The vented collapsible nipple is produced from a 100% natural latex, free of harmful additives, which is durable, velvet soft and elastic. The vented collapsible nipple makes it easy for the child to squeeze the air out of the dummy, in which the dummy imitates the breast during suckling. n nThe shield is made of polypropylene (PP), which is a robust and lightweight plastic material. It is gently outwards curved to prevent skin irritation. It is equipped with air holes and a security handle. n

Product details:

nColor: Mustard. n nSize: 6-18 months. n nMaterial: Nipple material: 100% latex/natural rubber and shield material: polypropylene (PP). n n100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. n nFulfills the European standard: EN 1400+A1. n


nPacifiers should always be kept dry and protected from dirt, eg. in a closet or a pacifier box. Pacifier should be sterilized by putting into boiling water before first usage. Soak the pacifier in boiling water and leave for up to 5 minutes. Dry and push out the nipple water as needed. n nSince it has a vented nipple, water can get into the pacifier. When the pacifier gets cool, water can be pressed out of the nipple to ensure hygiene.Clean and sterilize the dummies daily. Don’t use microwave sterilizing or any harsh cleaning materials as it may destroy the natural rubber. Bibs pacifiers are made of natural rubber and may expand with use. Renew the dummy after using it for 4-6 weeks because of safety and hygiene reasons. n nWARNING! n nDo always inspect the product carefully before each use for your baby’s safety. Especially when the baby has teeth. Pull the dummy in all directions.  Discard it at the first sign of damage or weakness. Never attach other ribbons or cords to a dummy, your baby may be strangled by them.The dummy is not allowed to be stored in direct sunlight. n nSee more colors here: n n n nAd: n n